Voice & Data Cable

Expert Fiber, Cat6, Cat5e, and Cat3 design & installation

Whether you are building a new facility, moving, or upgrading your current infrastructure, Davissa can provide design and installation services for all of your voice and data cable infrastructure needs.


The cabling within your office is vitally important to the successful performance of your voice and data network.  Professional design and installation with top grade materials ensure that you will get maximum performance out of the investment you have made in your switches, servers, and computers.


Davissa utilizes Leviton products as our standard infrastructure supplier.  Leviton’s copper systems combine top-tier, category-rated performance with a high-density, user-friendly design to deliver the industry’s most innovative family of solutions. Whether supporting data center applications with Atlas-X1, a large enterprise with eXtreme, or a small business infrastructure with GigaMax, Leviton has the system for your needs.

Voice & Data Cabling

Voice & Data Cable



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