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Each year, new technologies give way to new communication practices in the workplace. Businesses are always looking for better, faster and more efficient ways of communicating with their clients and employees.

Here’s what experts say are the top business communication trends to watch for in 2015.

2015 Communication Trends

Transitioning to the cloud

Significantly reduced costs and increased flexibility are two main reasons why transitioning to cloud computing is one of the biggest business trends in 2015. Cloud computing allows businesses to store and access data remotely, instead of investing time and money into setting up physical servers. By accessing data remotely, employees have the flexibility to work collaboratively from anywhere.

Technology-friendly office spaces

In today’s tech-friendly world, employees expect their employer to offer high speed Wi-Fi connection in the office, especially since mobile devices, tablets and laptops have become the preferred method of communication and tools of doing business. Also, with the emergence of social media, it’s no longer enough to just call or text someone’s mobile device. With so many opportunities to communicate with customers and employees, businesses are starting to realize the necessity for a tech-friendly office environment.

Integrating all forms of communication

Integrating business communication is not a new idea, but 2015 should be the year we see a lot more businesses making the push. By streamlining and integrating communication platforms such as telephone, chat, mobile, desktop sharing, video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, etc., you not only giv486140535e your business the opportunity to balance costs, but also enable your company to have flexible communication – in a timely manner, no matter what device or network.

Efficient business models

Many of the above solutions contribute to our final trend of creating a more efficient business model. By integrating your business communication system and switching from physical computing to cloud computing, you can dramatically lower your costs and increase the performance of your business. Just think of the costs that go toward hiring IT personnel, setting up your company’s phone system, buying the necessary hardware for the server, and all the dry-erase markers used on your physical whiteboards! In 2015, we believe that companies will start utilizing technology to make a much more efficient business.


Do you see any of these trends happening in your workplace? We’d love to hear about them!