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465215629We’ve all been there. You have a video conference call with a current or potential client and sometimes things don’t go as planned or someone doesn’t behave as professionally as he or she should. Video conferencing etiquette can make or break a business relationship, so heed our five tips, below!

1. Be punctual. There is nothing more uncomfortable than waiting for the other party to begin the call. You then reach a point where you ask, “Should we call them instead?” “How about we give them five more minutes?” This can get irritating, especially when people have other obligations to tend to. Try your best to be on-time, or if you know you’re running late, let the other party know as soon as possible!

2. Speak clearly. It never hurts to do a microphone/audio check before you’re about to hold an important video conference. Test out different volumes and avoid mumbling!

3. Do not interrupt others. This can mean someone on your end or someone on the other end of the conference. Interrupting just makes everything less clear, leading to miscommunication and unprofessionalism. It can help to practice what people are going to say beforehand, if applicable to the type of meeting you’re conducting.

4. Try to maintain eye contact. It’s never a natural feeling to be video conferencing with others. There could be more distractions on one end of the conversation, so always make the person/people you are speaking to, feel as if they were right there with you in the room. It makes meetings more professional!

5. Dress appropriately. A video conference should never be a reason to slack off with professional attire. The point of a video conference is so people can still see you! Again, this falls into allowing the other party to believe you’re taking their meeting seriously and have respect for them.

What’s the biggest challenge you face when video conferencing? Tell us, below!