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What’s your go-to place for working outside of the office? Whether it’s at home, a local café, or any other location, being able to communicate with your colleagues and clients is important. We share five tips below for answering your work calls with the proper etiquette.


Phone Etiquette Tips

Always identify yourself when answering the phone

Your colleague or client might be caught off guard if they hear the sounds of a café or your home life in the background. By answering your phone with self-identification, the other party won’t be confused by outside distractions, and business will be able to continue on as usual.

If you are in a noisier place, excuse yourself politely

Often times, when out in a public place, we can’t control the volume level of our environment. If you know it’s going to be noisy when you pick up your phone, try not to answer until you get to a quieter space, or politely ask the caller upon answering if they mind holding for a moment. Be sure to thank them for holding if that is the case.

Pick and choose the calls you take (or make), if possible

You could easily be distracting someone else in a public place if you are taking or placing very lengthy phone calls. That’s what email and other unified communications are for! Take advantage of these forms of communication after business hours or out in public.

Try not to change your tone of voice

Many of us have a different tone of voice when communicating outside of the office, maybe a bit less professional and more laid back. Try to envision yourself at your place of business, especially when you are taking important calls.

Be prepared with chargers for your devices

The last thing you need if you’re working out-of-the-office is your phone or computer to run out of battery. Be sure to have all of your necessary chargers with you that way you don’t miss a beat at work!

What’s a personal tip of your own you would share to those working from another location?