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Whether we like it or not, technology is constantly evolving, and in order to keep your business running smooth, it’s important to stay up to date with on the latest advancements in technology and communication. Whether it’s updating or completely upgrading your current workplace technology, there are many benefits to new equipment and software for not only you, but also for your employees and business as a whole.

Benefits of Updating Your Workplace Technology

Happier Employees

In a recent study completed by Dell and Intel, 41% of employees surveyed stated that having the latest and greatest technology in the workplace was important to them. The study also showed that one in four employees would take a new job if the technology provided to them was better than the technology at their current job.

The numbers prove that technology is extremely important and clearly valued by employees. Everyone gets frustrated with old or outdated technology that doesn’t function properly. In addition, everyone has different motivators. Who knows, a new phone or new computer could be just the motivation your employees need to stay productive and happy in their environment.

Competitive Advantage

Updating or upgrading your technology will allow you to outperform your competitors by operating more quickly and efficiently. Don’t let your competitors beat you in speed, because we’ve all heard the phrase, “time is money”. A focusing on staying up-to-date on the latest technology and software will help boost the productivity of your business – saving you time AND money.

Increased Efficiency

If your computers, phone systems or servers are outdated, chances are they are going to be slower and will, in turn, decrease productivity. With updated technology, you will experience less downtime, fewer dropped calls or outages and an increase in overall efficiency.

Easier Communication

With new technologies such as unified communications, cloud-based sharing and time tracking tools, employees can stay more connected than ever. This can be a great motivator for employees to communicate often and effectively.

Missed Opportunities

Communication methods and platforms are continuously evolving. With out of date technology, you very well could be missing opportunities to find, connect and interact with consumers or clients.

Mobility & Flexibility

There’s no denying that everything is shifting towards mobile. The ability to take work on the go with you wherever you are is important. Oftentimes, old technologies don’t have this capability, while new technologies do. Adding mobile functionality to your workplace will increase flexibility and productivity.


In the long run, continuously repairing and maintaining old technology may cost you more than new machines or systems. If you find yourself constantly paying for repairs or maintenance, it’s time to look into an update or upgrade.

When was the last time you updated your workplace technology?