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Providing Voice, Data and Infrastructure Solutions in Northeast Ohio

Cloud vs. On Premise Based Phone Systems

One of the top questions we get from clients when customizing a phone system solution for their business is whether to get a cloud-based or premise-based phone system. While both have pros and cons, it’s important to talk with a professional to determine which is best...

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Can You Match the Phone to the Year?

Communication methods have certainly evolved over the years. Nowadays, we don’t even think about what it was like to be without a cell phone. Below, we share images of telephones that were popular in their respective time periods. Can you match up the phone to the...

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7 Ways to Dominate Your Phone Interview

The job searching process can be overwhelming from the start. On top of that, you have to complete lengthy applications and make sure resumes and cover letters will “wow” those on the receiving end. Then, comes the often-dreaded interview process. Many companies will...

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Working from Home: How to Make it Work

Whether you’re in a position that allows you to work from home all the time or just one or two days a week, use these tips to make a day at home the most productive one you have all week. Tips for Working from Home Create a designated work space If you work from home...

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What can VoIP do for your Business?

You may have heard this funny-sounding word before, when it comes to talking about choosing a unified communications system for your business: “VOIP.” Voice-over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a tool that streamlines multiple business applications and transports...

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How Mitel’s MiVoice Recording Works

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, many organizations face the ongoing challenges of exceeding customer expectations while also working to improve the overall quality of the business and its employees. Of the many tools that can help accomplish...

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