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No matter your industry, communication in the business world is key. Follow these steps to ensure you choose a solution that most effectively and efficiently meets your business’ needs.

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Finding the Right Business Phone Solution

Know what you need

Sit down and think about what you might need in a business phone solution before you start your research. Consider the following:

  • How many employees will be using the system? Approximately how much time does each employee spend on the phone?
  • How many locations does your business have? How do you want team members to communicate when they are in different locations?
  • Are your employees primarily making local, long distance or international calls?
  • What are the most important or useful phone system features to you and your employees? What can your business live without?
  • Do employees primarily work in an office or remotely?

Also, make sure to consider what capabilities you may need in the future. If you are rapidly expanding or think you may change your policies down the road (like adding additional work from home privileges), your needs may change.

Set a (working) budget

Have an idea of what you are currently spending on your business communications (if you aren’t a new business) and what your goal spend is. Obviously everyone’s goal is to spend less but keep in mind that in many industries, your phone system is the lifeline to your business. Ensure your budget is realistic and flexible based on your feature and capability wishes.


Now that you have an idea of your basic needs and have a working budget in mind, do some research. Research the type of technology that might make the most sense for you and research business phone companies that can help you reach your goals. Ask for referrals, browse company websites for testimonials and read product reviews online. While you can’t believe everything you read, the more research you do, the better.

Find a one stop shop

Look for a company that can provide and install your system as well as act as your phone service provider. Not only will it be more convenient, you may also be able to save by combining the two services.

Create an implementation plan

Once you’ve found the perfect system and service, your work is done, right? Not necessarily. Work with your business phone company to craft an implementation plan that will result in minimal downtime. Make sure to ask the company what training services they provide in order to educate employees about the new technology.