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There is no doubt that business mobility has official gone mainstream, but what does this industry trend turned industry standard mean for your businesses’ productivity?

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Workplace Mobility Benefits

Unmatched Accessibility

Workplace mobility means businesses and their workforce are accessible anytime, anywhere. According to Forrester Research, 29 percent of the global workforce uses three or more devices for work, with 21 percent of respondents using a tablet, and 48 percent using a smartphone at least weekly. Employees are no longer tied to their desks or the office in order to be productive. This gives your workforce the freedom to work in different environments, and it also gives businesses the opportunity to interact with their employees like never before.

Improved Intangibles

Although businesses are already reporting strong, tangible ROI results directly related to improving mobility, many are also seeing the intangible benefits through improved employee retention and recruiting. The American Psychological Association reports that employees who telecommute experience more satisfaction at work, along with less stress and a better work-life balance. These employees have also expressed a stronger desire to stay with their company and are receiving higher performance ratings. For your business, this means happier employees who stick with your company, resulting in less time and money spent training new employees.

Money Savings

It may seem obvious, but businesses that offer workplace mobility not only help save their workforce money on commuting costs (fuel, vehicle maintenance, vehicle wear and tear), they can also save a ton of money on overhead expenses! With more of the workforce working from home, on the road or at a local coffee shop, employers can save on real estate expenses, utilities, travel and other in-office expenses.

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