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Communication methods have certainly evolved over the years. Nowadays, we don’t even think about what it was like to be without a cell phone. Below, we share images of telephones that were popular in their respective time periods. Can you match up the phone to the decade? Give it a shot and check your answers at the bottom of the blog to see how well you did!

1. Push-Button Telephone DA-80

Attracting international attention in the year it was introduced, this telephone model is now in the Museum of Modern Art in New York! Its electronic tone ringer was used as a monitor to be heard throughout more than one room of a house.

1980s phone

2. Model 202 Oval Base Western Electronic

The Bell System’s second handset telephone, it came equipped with the early seamless ‘spit cup.’

1930s phone

3. Bell System Model 500 C/D Telephone

Designed by Henry Dreyfuss, this phone was made of ABS plastic and became the standard American telephone until it was replaced by the push-button phone.

1950s phone

4. The Western Electric/Northern Electric 102/202 Series

These phones were the first widely-distributed phones which adopted the use of a single handset rather than a transmitter and receiver.

1940s phone

5. The Western Electric Princess Phone

The decade that phones became design-oriented, this phone was one of the first to be ‘touchtone.’

1960s phone

6. Western Electric Classic Rotary Phone

This version of the rotary phone has a ringer volume adjust knob on the side, different from previous designs of the rotary phone.

1970s phone

7. Panasonic Cordless Telephone

Wireless phones become all the rage in this decade. They are lightweight, come in different colors, and convenient for all households!

1990s phone

How did you do? Which phone do you remember most? We hope you had fun taking a journey back in time!

1. 1980
2. 1930
3. 1950
4. 1940
5. 1960
6. 1970
7. 1990