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Chances are that when someone takes the time to leave your business a voicemail, it is because it’s important that their message be communicated and left in the right hands. There’s nothing worse than calling a business only to hear that the voice mailbox is full or that the greeting is too quiet, too fast, or too confusing.

Don’t be that business that lets important messages slip through the cracks and miss out on new opportunities. Here are some tips on how to set up a professional voicemail greeting that will have people wanting to leave you more messages:

Let the person know immediately who they are leaving a message for

It can be quick and easy. “Thank you for calling Davissa Phone Systems.” If you identify your voicemail right away, people will feel more confident in leaving their message, knowing it’s going to the right place.

Don’t give the person too many instructions

It can be overwhelming to someone calling if your voicemail suggests they leave their name, address, time of calling, reason why calling, best phone number to call them back at, etc. They might not be prepared with all of the information and could end up leaving a confusing and flustered message. Instead, just kindly ask the person to leave their name and number and reassure that someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

Speak clearly and at a normal volume

Some voicemail greetings are too loud and distracting and some are so quiet you can barely figure out who you’ve called. Whoever sets up the voicemail greeting for a business should be a confident speaker. Here’s a pro tip—write out a script of what the voicemail greeting should say and practice it a few times before you record it. It will be well worth it in the end!

Do you have any specific tips you’d like to share about effective voicemail greetings? Have you experienced any horrible ones? Share with us in the comments below!