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In this day and age, business communications are able to live in a cloud technology system. Pretty crazy, right? At Davissa, we offer the Mitel MiCloud product that delivers a single, cloud-ready software stream that can be used publicly, privately, or a combination of the two for a service provider.

There are three types of MiClouds. See below for what option would work best for your business:

  1. MiCloud Business—the perfect software for small to medium sized businesses that need a reliable and affordable phone system.
  2. MiCloud Enterprise—a system engineered for businesses with over 250 users, Enterprise works to give you the power of voice, video, and collaboration with a flexible cloud operating system.
  3. MiCloud Contact Center—this system works for call centers within any industry or size. This cloud makes the call center communication wavelengths less chaotic and more efficient.

Have questions on a specific cloud? Call us at Davissa, today!