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There is no doubt that we are currently living in the internet age. Communication is instant and simple, and with the rise of unified communications, it is easier than ever to have access to almost every communication platform with the touch of a button or even in the palm of your hand. However, one form of communication seems to have taken a backseat to email, text messaging, social media and instant messaging. It happens to be one of the most effective forms of communication in business, especially in a sales profession: telephone calls.

A person-to-person phone call is a great way to earn trust and build long-lasting relationships with customers and/or clients, something that is not easy to do through an email or text message. There is something very gratifying about hearing another person’s voice on the other end of a telephone knowing that they took the time to speak to your personally.

However, it’s important to understand proper phone etiquette and to establish a positive telephone personality in order to make the right kind of lasting impact.

Finding & Improving your telephone personality

Be Aware of Your Voice

As soon as a listener hears the tone of your voice, they start picking up on your overall attitude. Humans have acquired this trait through social evolution, so you should always be aware of the tone of your voice when speaking with a customer or client. A good thing to think about is this simple equation: Attitude + Inflection = Perception. The same way some folks may use hand gestures when telling a story to emphasize certain aspects and emotions of that story, your voice should inflect to emphasize important parts of what you’re trying to convey over the phone.

Smile Before You Dial

Some of the top telemarketers will tell you that good posture and smiling while on the phone will help improve your voice and may even increase your closing rates! The customer or client you are speaking with can absolutely tell when you are smiling on the other end of the phone. The same can be said for overall posture. If you are slumped at your desk or if you are tense, you will probably sound tired or nervous. Much like professional singers, standing or sitting upright will help you to clear your throat and ease any restrictions. Who knows, a smile might even be as contagious as a yawn!

Learning to Listen

Once you start really developing your positive telephone personality, you will begin to pick up on the signs and signals of those you’re speaking with. Just like you pay attention to your own voice, you should aim to notice and analyze the slight inflections and tone of others so you are better prepared to speak with them.