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Video conferencing is making its way into all types of businesses that use conference calling on a regular basis. What you need to get started is two operable screens (one for you and one for the person you will be video conferencing with), and functioning microphones.

video conferencing technology

Here are some helpful facts that break down the details of video conferencing calling technology:

  • When the computer or conferencing technology accepts the audio and video, the communication is transformed digitally.
  • A clear audio and visual to the receiving end depends on something called the compression ratio. The higher the compression ratio, the clearer the audio and video will be.
  • A compression ratio of 2.1 is the worst, most choppy, static filled, and blurry audio and video. A compression ratio of 100.1 would seem as though you were communicating with the other person(s) as if they were in the same room.
  • Your audio and video are being transmitted into a software in analog form.

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