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You may have heard this funny-sounding word before, when it comes to talking about choosing a unified communications system for your business: “VOIP.” Voice-over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a tool that streamlines multiple business applications and transports telephone calls by sending voice data through the Internet, versus traditional circuit transmissions. VoIP has become the foundation for the way web and video conferencing is conducted, which can transform your business communications with clients and colleagues across the globe.

How VOIP works


Let’s say you are calling a regular phone number. The phone signal will be converted to a regular phone signal before it reaches the other end of the call. With VoIP, you have the ability to make a call from a smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, or landline connected to a special adapter. If you’re in an area outside of the office that has free Wi-Fi, you’re also in luck; you can connect to the Internet and use VoIP wirelessly from a café, library, airport, etc.

Now that you have a better understanding of how this system operates, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can VoIP help my business?” That’s an excellent question. We share below, several reasons why your business will benefit from this system.

VOIP Benefits

It reduces costs

With VoIP, telephone calls have the ability to travel throughout the entire data network, instead of just the phone company’s network. This feature saves costs on making international, long distance calls, or lengthy calls. Essentially, there is no surcharge for making and receiving calls beyond what your business is already paying for Internet access.

It offers features traditional phone systems don’t have

These can range from unified messaging, integrated contact centers, video conferencing, and more.

You will have the ability to work from anywhere

Whether you’re in a Wi-Fi “hot spot” or have to hook-up your adapter, VoIP works from any location. You can have the ability to work from home, while traveling, or at other public locations. VoIP keeps you connected no matter what!

At Davissa, we offer VoIP solutions for your business. Start saving time and money today, and give us a call!