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Davissa is a customer-driven and results-oriented telecommunications company based in Northeast Ohio. From planning and designing to installing and maintaining, our experienced staff is ready to assist you in finding a custom communications solution that fits your business.

The Wire

  • Finding the Best Business Phone Solution for Your Needs

    No matter your industry, communication in the business world is key. Follow these steps to ensure you choose a solution that most effectively and efficiently meets your business’ needs. Finding the Right Business Phone Solution Know what you need Sit down and think about what you might need in a business phone solution before you […]

  • What to Consider before you Hire a “Big” Phone Company

    Bigger is always better, right? Not in the business phone industry. Before you hire a “big” phone provider (you know the one’s we’re talking about…), consider all of your options. Oftentimes, a smaller, local company will provide you with more personalized care, better service and a solution that’s tailored perfectly to fit your business’ needs. […]

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