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ACS SIP Trunking


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Convert Your Traditional PBX to VoIP

Cloud-based, hosted PBX solutions are the popular choice today, but it’s not always practical to completely revamp your hardware. Or, you may have a specific need that requires a dedicated PBX. With ACS SIP Trunking powered by Davissa, we can easily convert a traditional PBX or other setup to VoIP. This gives the freedom of working with a new carrier and the power of VoIP without removing the traditional phone system that you’ve already invested in. And, best of all, you’ll get SIP Trunking from a trusted, local source for telephony products with a proven track record of nearly 40 years of successful implementations and uncompromising support.

SIP Trunking with Davissa can provide signifiant cost savings versus traditional premise-based POTS lines and ever-increasing reliability as internet infrastructures are continuously upgrading.


A Customizable SIP Trunking Solution
  • Compatible with all phone systems
  • On-demand activation
  • Extensive phone number coverage
  • Hassle-free number porting
  • On-demand channel control
  • Never Busy™ call bursting
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Flexible, integrated billing system
  • Channel- and minute-based billing models
  • Instant e911 registrations


ACS SIP Trunking Works With
  • IP-PBX’s
  • Legacy Phone Systems
  • Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)
  • FXS Gateways
  • PRI Gateways
  • Any SIP Device


  • How does SIP trunking work? (PDF)


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